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What is domestic battery by strangulation in Florida?

Domestic incidents that involve violence happen quite frequently in Florida. These incidents can have many participants and occur in a variety of circumstances. It is unfortunate when people who are in a relationship or who live with another person get involved in a dispute that turns physical. This can lead to an arrest for domestic assault, battery charges and more. It might even result in a conviction and long-term consequences. Should the incident involve accusations of domestic battery by strangulation, it is important for the accused person to understand this law and what the charges will entail.

Law enforcement investigation leads to drug trafficking charges

Given the problems that come about from drug crimes in Sarasota and across Florida, it is no surprise that law enforcement is aggressive in conducting investigations and making arrests. Some of these charges are related to possessing small amounts of drugs. Others are related to larger amounts that are believed to be for sale and drug trafficking. All drug charges can lead to penalties, including jail time and fines. When there are more serious allegations, those who are accused and arrested must make certain they are shielded from overzealous law enforcement officers and prosecutors by having help from an experienced attorney.

Man faces allegations of fleeing and assaulting law enforcement

During traffic stops drivers in Florida are expected to stop as instructed and comply with the officers' commands. In some cases, the stop is made because there is suspected driving under the influence. In others, the driver might have committed an unlawful act or is behaving suspiciously. No matter the reason, when the driver does not stop and even tries to flee, there can be other allegations that can lead to significant long-term consequences. Having legal assistance to provide a defense is one of the most important factors to avoid a criminal conviction.


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