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Do DUI and traffic offenses make you a habitual traffic offender?

For drivers in Florida who are labeled as "habitual traffic offenders," it can be an intimidating description that will have a significant impact on a litany of issues. They can face a driver's license suspension or revocation; they will have higher insurance costs; and they could even be confronted with fines, jail time and other penalties. The first step toward avoiding being classified as a habitual traffic offender is to know exactly when a driver can be designated as such.

What does Florida criminal law say about sexual cyber harassment?

Use of computers is a part of daily life in Florida and throughout the world. That has opened a great number of doors, connected people and created much value. However, there are negatives to this accessibility and people are often facing charges related to internet behaviors that alleges the law has been violated. One issue that is growing in prominence is sexual cyber harassment. Understanding how to craft a criminal defense against these charges is crucial, as a conviction can lead to various penalties and negatively impact a person's life.

Man faces domestic battery charges after dispute with mother

In Bradenton and throughout Florida, disagreements in the home can quickly escalate into a confrontation between family members, friends and acquaintances that leads to allegations of domestic assault and battery charges. Some of the most difficult cases involve people who are accused of getting into a physical altercation with a parent. Not only can this lead to criminal charges with the potential penalties if there is a conviction, it is also leads to a negative perception in the community.

Suspect faces multiple DUI offenses after crash

Law enforcement in Bradenton and across Florida will use every tactic at their disposal to catch drivers who are on the road while suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In some cases, they witness the incident as it occurs and can begin their investigation immediately. When there is an arrest for drunk driving charges and other allegations, it does not mean that the driver is automatically guilty. For drivers who are dealing with multiple offenses related to DUI and a crash, some of the allegations can reach the felony level.

What can you do about allegations of age-related sex offenses?

Most everyone in Florida will understand the criminal offense of statutory rape. Not only does a conviction on these charges carry with it various penalties that can negatively impact a person's life in the long and short terms, but it has a social stigma when seeking employment and other aspects of daily life. Other allegations might not be as well-known, but are still linked to having had sexual activity with underage people. Understanding the law for unlawful sexual activity with minors is important when facing these charges and planning a defense.


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