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Assault or battery on a person 65 or older and its penalties

When a Floridian is accused of violence against another person, there are a litany of penalties they can face if there is a conviction. The circumstances of the case will dictate how severe these penalties are. For example, a person who is accused of assault or battery could face enhanced charges if the allegations involve a victim who is 65 or older. While the idea of committing assault or battery on an elderly person is difficult to reconcile, that does not mean the person who is accused is automatically guilty and should just accept the charges and punishments. Having legal assistance is crucial. First, knowing the law is key.

Man arrested for multiple weapons and drug charges in Bradenton

As the debate about how to handle the ongoing drug crisis continues across the U.S., law enforcement officials in Bradenton and throughout Florida are actively seeking those who are alleged to be involved in drug trafficking and other serious drug offenses. The penalties for a conviction on high-level drug charges can be severe. Even though most will agree that drugs are a major problem in society, an arrest does not mean that a person is automatically guilty or that they should face the harshest penalties the legal system can muster. Everyone deserves a strong defense and the circumstances of the case are critical to crafting that defense.

The options when facing drug offenses for marijuana

Marijuana laws seem to be in flux for much of the country. Florida has legalized it for medical purposes, but it remains illegal for people to use as a recreational drug. Despite that, people will still purchase it and run the risk of being arrested. Even those who are buying a small amount can face drug offenses. Those who are involved in possession and sale can be confronted with serious consequences if they are convicted.

Woman charged with multiple offenses after airport crash

Given the concerns about people trying to commit various illegal acts at U.S. airports, it is no surprise that every airport - Sarasota's included - is vigilant about people who might violate the law. Driving onto the property in areas where unauthorized vehicles cannot go will inevitably lead to an arrest. Whether the person was under the influence or not is irrelevant. In fact, it can result in significant charges. While this is an inadvisable act, those who are arrested on felony drunk driving charges and related infractions after driving onto an airport must have a legal defense to avoid the worst possible penalties.


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