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How to behave at DUI checkpoints in Florida

DUI checkpoints pop up in Bradenton and neighboring cities all the time. More will definitely come at the end of the year when people host New Year's parties. You can always go online to see where these checkpoints will come up, but you should also know what police look for at these stops. 

The best tip for avoiding a DUI is to not drive after drinking in the first place. You do not want any trouble, so here is some advice for avoiding a prolonged conversation at a DUI checkpoint. 

Get your documentation ready

You should slowly approach the checkpoint and cooperate with everything officers ask of you. Before the officer talks to you, you should get your registration and driver's license out. You do not want to fumble trying to find everything because the cop could use this as an excuse to believe you have had alcohol recently. Being prepared will also speed up the process so you can get out of there quickly. 

Maintain patience

You may feel inconvenienced by having to go through a checkpoint. You may even question the legality of such checkpoints, but courts have ruled that these checkpoints do not violate people's 4th Amendment rights. You do not want to be rude because this can also serve as evidence of your supposed drunkenness. Most of the time, stopping at checkpoints only lasts a couple of minutes at most, so be patient. 

Avoid surrendering more information than you have to

You do have the right to remain silent. There are a few pieces of information you have to give, such as your name. However, you do not have to go into detail about what you did that evening. If the officer asks what you were up to tonight, then you would not have to say you were out to dinner with friends. An officer could assume you drank during this activity, so when in doubt, remain quiet. 

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