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Man arrested for multiple weapons and drug charges in Bradenton

As the debate about how to handle the ongoing drug crisis continues across the U.S., law enforcement officials in Bradenton and throughout Florida are actively seeking those who are alleged to be involved in drug trafficking and other serious drug offenses. The penalties for a conviction on high-level drug charges can be severe. Even though most will agree that drugs are a major problem in society, an arrest does not mean that a person is automatically guilty or that they should face the harshest penalties the legal system can muster. Everyone deserves a strong defense and the circumstances of the case are critical to crafting that defense.

According to a recent report, a man, age 55, was arrested on numerous drug and weapons charges after a search and seizure at his home. The search allegedly uncovered many illegal and prescription medications, including heroin, crack, cocaine and oxycodone. An investigation had been underway in which drugs were bought prior to the arrest. A gun was found under a pillow. There were reportedly significant amounts of the drugs and drug paraphernalia found along with cash. There was also a shotgun in a separate room. The man reportedly has previous felony convictions on his record.

Drug arrests can be complex with significant punishment regardless of the situation, but when it is a drug trafficking charge with copious amounts of various scheduled narcotics and weapons charges, the person can be put in jail for a long time, if not for the rest of his or her life. Although there is a stigma attached to any drug charge - especially for those who have convictions in the past - there are many effective strategies to potentially reduce the charges or gain an outright acquittal. The search could have violated the person's rights or there could be others involved in the case.

A longtime investigation led to a man being arrested for drug trafficking and weapons possession. As the case continues, the man should bear the long-term consequences in mind and think about his alternatives. Getting the right information about defenses to drug crimes could be an option.

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