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Man faces drug trafficking charges after fleeing DUI stop

When a driver is subjected to an attempted traffic stop in Sarasota, it is often due to the person having behaved suspiciously, having been identified as taking part in a crime or as part of a law enforcement crackdown on driving under the influence. Any traffic stop can yield surprising results with a subsequent arrest. For people who are stopped for one reason like a suspected DUI and then are accused of drug offenses, it is imperative to have legal advice from a law firm that defends people for a wide array of criminal and traffic violations.

A driver was being stopped by law enforcement due to a suspected DUI. However, she is alleged to have refused to stop. As she tried to flee in the vehicle, she eventually crashed into a pole. After trying to flee on foot, law enforcement used a Taser and placed her under arrest. She was uninjured from the crash and the steps taken to make the arrest. In addition to the DUI charge, law enforcement stated that they found drugs and money. She now faces drug offenses and DUI charges among other violations.

Driving under the influence is problematic for people who are arrested and charged. They can lose their driving privileges, face fines and be incarcerated. When there are drug charges - especially drug trafficking charges - the DUI allegations pale in comparison when the penalties are assessed. Since drugs are viewed as such a blight on society and law enforcement and prosecutors are aggressive in catching and punishing those involved in it at a distribution and trafficking level, it is critical to have legal assistance from a law firm that offers comprehensive representation for many criminal charges. Given what the woman faces, she must have legal help immediately.

A woman was being stopped by police due to suspicion of DUI when she fled. Drugs were found in her car. Some of the charges she faces are fleeing law enforcement, DUI, trafficking in cocaine, possessing cocaine, and resisting arrest. As the case moves forward, it is likely that she will be confronted with an extended jail sentence and a slew of legal penalties. However, simply because she is accused of DUI and drug crimes does not make it true. She needs to contact a law firm that can help her with possibly discussing a plea agreement or finding a way to be acquitted on some or all the charges. A law firm that handles DUI and drug crimes is vital.

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