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Men face drug offenses after traffic stop in Florida

Drug possession and other drug offenses in Bradenton and across Florida can cause serious problems in a person's life. Not only might there be a conviction with jail time and fines, but it can be an issue that grows in seriousness and negatively impacts them as they seek to get admitted to a school, enter the military, or try to get certain jobs. While there is a stigma for those who deal with an arrest for drugs, there are also alternatives to lodge a defense against the charges. Before accepting an arrest and conviction as if it is automatic, having legal assistance is necessary to consider the available options.

A traffic stop in which law enforcement was testing the vehicle's tinted windows to see if they were in violation of the law led to two men being arrested for drugs. The stop was made after 1 a.m. During the investigation, the men were not wearing their seatbelts and there was a smell of marijuana emanating from the car. After checking the vehicle, the 22-year-old driver was found to have marijuana, cocaine and to be in possession of drug paraphernalia. The 26-year-old passenger had marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Their tinting of the windows also violated state law.

Law enforcement is vigilant in its attempts to reduce the number of people who have and use drugs in the state. Part of that is making traffic stops to conduct investigations. In some cases, vehicles are stopped for other reasons and law enforcement comes across the drugs during a search. As part of a defense, the circumstances of the search could be called into question. There could be other options for dealing with the charges such as treatment in a drug diversion program. Young people who are arrested for drug possession and other drug offenses should think about their future before deciding on how to confront the charges.

After a vehicle was stopped because of law enforcement suspicion that its window tinting was too dark, drugs were found on the vehicle's occupants. The two men who were arrested must remember their rights and formulate a viable defense or seek to handle the charges in a different way. Those who are arrested for any drug crimes should discuss the case with a legal professional before doing anything else.

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