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Sports car crash leads to DUI charges and breath test refusal

When Florida drivers are confronted with a traffic stop and an investigation related to driving under the influence, they will often not know what to do. If there is a request from law enforcement that they take a breath test and field sobriety tests, mistakes are frequently made regarding their rights to refuse. This, combined with the allegations that they were driving under the influence, can result in an arrest with the possibility of severe consequences including jail time, fines and a loss of driving privileges. These issues can impact anyone, even those who are driving expensive sports cars. Legal help is imperative to deal with these charges.

A crash involving a 2016 Lamborghini led to a woman's arrest for multiple charges including drunk driving. In the accident, the 30-year-old driver was with the owner of the vehicle, a businessman. She was trying to turn and allegedly doing so at excessive speed. The vehicle swerved off and then on the road. It almost rear-ended a vehicle, spun and hit two signs. A law enforcement officer in the area saw the incident as it happened.

When investigating, the officer saw that the people were uninjured. The passenger began exiting the vehicle even after the officer said not to. The passenger stated that he was acquainted with the chief of police. When the officer asked the driver to take field sobriety tests, the passenger told him it was not needed. The officer told him multiple times not to interfere. The woman did poorly on the field sobriety tests. After she was brought to the police station, she committed breath test refusal. There was $150,000 in damage to the vehicle.

Law enforcement does not discriminate or give breaks to people who say they have friends in the department, so when there is an alleged DUI crash, those who are confronted with charges should remember that they cannot count on a reduction or dismissal based on so-called "connections." The woman in this case was said to be under the influence when she crashed a very expensive sports car. Her companion tried to convince the officer not to give the woman the tests to see if she showed signs of being under the influence. She was arrested anyway and compounded the situation with breath test refusal. Considering the charges and the possible penalties she will face, having legal assistance is imperative. A law firm that provides clients with guidance after DUI and traffic offenses should be called for representation.

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