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What is robbery by sudden snatching and its penalties in Florida?

Criminal allegations in Florida will vary and many of these acts that receive intense focus are violent crimes and crimes involving drugs. However, people can be arrested for many other reasons and these acts can result in harsh penalties including jail time, fines and other short and long-term consequences. Theft is a common crime that can lead to long-term problems. In this category, one act that happens quite frequently is when a person is accused of sudden snatching of the property of another.

Often, this is a crime of opportunity and people who commit it could be doing so on a whim or out of desperation. While there is no excuse, that can be important when the circumstances are assessed based on this law. A criminal defense is imperative for these accusations. With "sudden snatching," the robbery is the taking of property or money from another person and doing so to deprive them of it on a temporary or permanent basis while the alleged victim knows that it is being taken.

To fall under this law, it must consist of the following: the person who is accused of violating the act used force that went beyond what would be needed to get possession of the goods; the victim resisted the property or money being taken or the victim was injured. If the person who is alleged to have committed the criminal act did so while carrying a deadly weapon or firearm, it is a second-degree felony with a possible jail sentence for up to 15 years, a fine of up to $10,000 or up to 30 years in jail if it is a habitual offender. If there was no firearm or deadly weapon, it is a third-degree felony with a jail sentence of up to five years, a fine of up to $5,000 or up to 10 years in jail for a habitual offender.

When a person is arrested for theft of any kind, they must be aware of the potential consequences if there is a conviction. Whether it is someone who made a mistake by trying to steal something without considering the aftermath of doing so or it is someone who has a history of these acts, legal help is vital. A criminal conviction can negatively impact a person's life in ways that go far beyond jail, fines and other penalties. They can face ostracism in the community, have trouble getting jobs and more. Having legal assistance is key and a criminal law firm can help in crafting a strong defense to avoid the worst penalties or even get an acquittal.

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