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Arrest for driving during a license suspension needs legal help

Bradenton residents can have their driver's license suspended for a variety of transgressions. That can be a drunk driving conviction, speeding, reckless driving and more. For some, they make the decision to drive even after their license has been suspended. When they are caught by law enforcement, they will be arrested and face a slew of other charges. This can have a negative impact on their lives for an extended period with penalties including jail, being charged with a felony and the license being suspended for a far longer time-period than it previously was. Having legal help is imperative when dealing with these charges.

Juvenile faces assault charges after attacking police officer

Allegations of assault in Sarasota and throughout Florida can have long-term consequences and substantial penalties for anyone, but these can be more serious if it is a juvenile who is dealing with these charges. Since young people often make the mistake of acting before they think about the ramifications, it is not unusual for there to be major legal issues that can negatively impact their lives for an extended period if not forever. When a juvenile is arrested on assault charges or other violent crimes, it is wise to have the advice and counsel of a qualified legal professional who has a history of helping those accused of criminal acts.

Man arrested in Florida for DUI danced during field sobriety test

When Florida law enforcement sees a vehicle in which the driver is exhibiting signs of intoxication, they will investigate. This is true even if the vehicle is not in motion. Part of that investigation will frequently result in the driver being asked to take part in a field sobriety test and breath or blood tests to determine their blood alcohol content level. These tests are often unique depending on the situation. For people who are arrested after a DUI investigation and tests, it is important to remember that simply being arrested does not mean they will automatically be convicted. Having legal advice is key to crafting an effective defense.

When might an underage person face a license suspension?

For Florida teens getting their driver's license, it can be an exciting time. However, allegations of illegal behavior could result in a license suspension or a license revocation. Perhaps the underage person made a mistake with alcohol or drugs. Or there could have been a situation where they were in the wrong place at the wrong time with people who were violating the law with these substances. Facing penalties and losing driving privileges can be difficult. Understanding the law and formulating a defense is important when faced with these issues.

No, you probably cannot avoid a DUI checkpoint

Like most motorists on Florida roadways, you generally make it to your destination without seeing flashing lights in your rearview mirror. Even if you have to stop for police officers, you usually deal with the inconvenience and move along. If you have had too much to drink, though, a DUI checkpoint could put your future in jeopardy


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