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Arrest for driving during a license suspension needs legal help

Bradenton residents can have their driver's license suspended for a variety of transgressions. That can be a drunk driving conviction, speeding, reckless driving and more. For some, they make the decision to drive even after their license has been suspended. When they are caught by law enforcement, they will be arrested and face a slew of other charges. This can have a negative impact on their lives for an extended period with penalties including jail, being charged with a felony and the license being suspended for a far longer time-period than it previously was. Having legal help is imperative when dealing with these charges.

When a person is driving during a license suspension, the license can then be suspended for five years. Those who are caught driving while their license is suspended three times over five years will also have the label "habitual traffic offender" attached to them. It is then that there can be the felony charges, imprisonment and more. Regardless of why there was the initial driver license suspension, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles will inform the driver through the mail of the suspension.

In some cases, people who claim not to have known their driver license was suspended are not making an excuse when they were caught, but they really did not get the notification in the mail. This, among other viable strategies, is a way to combat the charges of driving with a suspended license. Many might think it will not help to combat the charges; that there is no method to have the suspension overturned. However, this is not the case. The person's driving record might show that there was no suspension when the arrest was made. The lack of awareness because the driver was not informed is also a possible defense. The evidence in the case could have been accrued after a wrongful traffic stop. Or there could have been other issues with the case an attorney can use as part of the defense.

Not having a valid driver's license in Florida makes it difficult to get around. People can have issues getting to work, school and to other places that are integral to daily living. Jail time and fines can cause an upheaval in the person's life. Having a strong defense with help from a legal professional experienced in negotiation and defense after DUI and traffic offenses is a foundational aspect to any case.

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