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Juvenile faces assault charges after attacking police officer

Allegations of assault in Sarasota and throughout Florida can have long-term consequences and substantial penalties for anyone, but these can be more serious if it is a juvenile who is dealing with these charges. Since young people often make the mistake of acting before they think about the ramifications, it is not unusual for there to be major legal issues that can negatively impact their lives for an extended period if not forever. When a juvenile is arrested on assault charges or other violent crimes, it is wise to have the advice and counsel of a qualified legal professional who has a history of helping those accused of criminal acts.

An off-duty law enforcement officer was assaulted by a 16-year-old boy and others when the officer tried to intervene as the teen and his friends were harassing a homeless man. The incident occurred at around noon. The officer was jogging when he saw what was happening and told the teens to stop. The group attacked the officer and hit him. He had minor injuries to his head. A witness identified the teen and he was arrested. He faces charges of battery on a law enforcement officer. The other teens are being sought.

Being arrested for violent crimes is difficult enough with the possibility that there will be jail time, fines and a criminal record. For a person under 18, it can harm them in many ways with the possibility that it can damage their future and result in long-term issues after one mistake. Formulating a defense is critical in these cases. Since the teen was identified by a witness using photographs, it is possible that an identification error was made. There could have been extenuating circumstances or it might have been one of the other teens who was the ringleader. A law firm with a history of helping people who are confronted with assault charges can assess the case and determine the preferable course of action in a criminal defense.

Teens were spotted by an off-duty law enforcement officer as they allegedly taunted a homeless man. He told them to stop what they were doing and was attacked and injured. One of the teens was found and arrested. For this teen and anyone who is arrested on assault charges - especially when it involves a member of law enforcement - there can be no delay in seeking legal advice. A lawyer who specializes in criminal law should be called immediately.

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