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When might an underage person face a license suspension?

For Florida teens getting their driver's license, it can be an exciting time. However, allegations of illegal behavior could result in a license suspension or a license revocation. Perhaps the underage person made a mistake with alcohol or drugs. Or there could have been a situation where they were in the wrong place at the wrong time with people who were violating the law with these substances. Facing penalties and losing driving privileges can be difficult. Understanding the law and formulating a defense is important when faced with these issues.

If the person under 18 gives alcohol to another person who is under the legal drinking age of 21, possesses alcohol, or commits a drug violation and that person is legally able to get a driver's license, the license can be revoked or the person can be prevented from getting a license for a minimum of six months and up to one year if it is a first offense and two years if it is a subsequent offense. The penalties are the same if the driver's license is already suspended or revoked or if the driver is ineligible to get a driver's license.

The court can use its discretion to issue a license with restrictions to a business or to a job if the person is legally qualified to have a driver's license. Those who have used false information to try and purchase tobacco and did not comply with the community service requirements, did not pay the fine or did not attend an anti-tobacco course while otherwise eligible to have a driver's license can face the license being suspended or revoked for 30 days if it is a first offense and 45 days if the second violation came within 12 weeks of the first offense. If it is already under suspension or is otherwise ineligible, the penalties are the same. If the second violation came after the 12 weeks of the first violation, it will be viewed as a first violation. A third violation within 12 weeks of the first violation will result in a 60-day hold on a driver's license being issued. If it is beyond those 12 weeks, it will be treated as a first violation.

People who have just gotten their license or are eligible to get their license under age 18 and suddenly find themselves confronted with the prospect of a license revocation or suspension can be concerned about their future driving privileges, insurance rates and more. To defend against these charges, it is important to have legal assistance from a law firm that helps those dealing with DUI and traffic offenses. This can reduce the charges or help avoid revocations and suspensions.

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