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March 2019 Archives

What are the penalties for drug trafficking in cannabis?

The words "drug trafficking" have severely negative implications. These allegations go beyond simple possession or even the sale of low level drugs like cannabis. While the debate is ongoing as to whether cannabis should be legalized, Florida has yet to make it legal and people continue to be accused of violating the law in relation to it. Despite arguments for legalization and the number of states across the nation that have legalized it or are taking steps to do so, it can still warrant major penalties in Florida. A defense is critical when charged.

Traffic stop leads to arrest for drugs and weapons in Sarasota

During a traffic stop in Sarasota and across Florida, those who are in the vehicle could find themselves facing various charges depending on what law enforcement finds. If there are drugs, weapons and other illegal items, it will result in an arrest. Although drugs and gun charges carry serious consequences if there is a conviction, there are multiple avenues where the accused can lodge a defense and possibly achieve a favorable resolution. No matter the charges, it is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Understanding a license suspension due to points on license

Floridians can lose their driving privileges for many reasons that go beyond an arrest and conviction for driving under the influence. The state uses a points system to penalize drivers who commit various violations. If there are enough points on the driver's license, there will be a license suspension. This can cause hardship to the person in many ways as they will not be able to legally drive. Fortunately, there are avenues of defense against allegations that lead to points on a driver's license. Understanding how and why points are given is key.

Man charged after fleeing accident where teen was critically hurt

In Sarasota and the surrounding areas of Florida, there might be a misplaced belief that the only traffic incidents that can lead to an arrest involve driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, there are other traffic violations that can result in charges, even felonies. If a driver is in an accident and flees the scene, there can be an arrest and long-term problems including jail, fines and the loss of driving privileges. While many might not believe that traffic offenses are serious, having legal advice is imperative to avoiding long-term consequences.


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