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Man charged after fleeing accident where teen was critically hurt

In Sarasota and the surrounding areas of Florida, there might be a misplaced belief that the only traffic incidents that can lead to an arrest involve driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, there are other traffic violations that can result in charges, even felonies. If a driver is in an accident and flees the scene, there can be an arrest and long-term problems including jail, fines and the loss of driving privileges. While many might not believe that traffic offenses are serious, having legal advice is imperative to avoiding long-term consequences.

A 24-year-old man was arrested and is charged with a felony after fleeing the scene of a crash that severely injured a 19-year-old driver of another vehicle. The accident occurred when the 19-year-old was driving an Audi and the 24-year-old was in a Kia Sedona. The Kia was making a left to enter a gas station and turned directly in front of the Audi. It hit the rear of the Audi and caused it to flip multiple times and end up in a hotel parking lot. It then hit a wall and two parked vehicles before stopping.

The teen driving the Audi was taken to the hospital with severe brain injuries. The driver of the Kia took off, but was later caught and arrested. He is charged with leaving the scene of an accident with serious injury and driving without a valid license. He was also cited for turning left into traffic. The investigation into the crash is continuing.

Traffic violations - especially felonies - can lead to penalties that are just as severe as those for driving under the influence. Fleeing the scene after a serious accident and driving without a license can have a longstanding impact on a person's life. The driver's license could be lost for an extended period, job prospects can be damaged and jail time can be part of the sentence. Even if there does not seem to be a viable reason for the behavior of the person arrested, there are many avenues to lodge a defense against traffic offenses. Having legal advice from the beginning is critical.

A teen who was heading for class at a local college was seriously hurt with brain injuries when another vehicle turned into his path. That driver fled, but was captured. While the case is being assessed, it is imperative for the arrested man to protect himself. It is possible that there can be a successful plea bargain or an acquittal. A law firm that has helped many with DUI and traffic offenses should be contacted for a consultation to begin the process of defending against these serious charges.

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