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Understanding a license suspension due to points on license

Floridians can lose their driving privileges for many reasons that go beyond an arrest and conviction for driving under the influence. The state uses a points system to penalize drivers who commit various violations. If there are enough points on the driver's license, there will be a license suspension. This can cause hardship to the person in many ways as they will not be able to legally drive. Fortunately, there are avenues of defense against allegations that lead to points on a driver's license. Understanding how and why points are given is key.

Convictions on driving infractions will assign various points to the driver's license. When a ticket is given, the person can pay it, go to driver improvement school to avoid points or take the matter to court to contest it. The points vary depending on what the driver is accused of doing. If he or she was cited for reckless driving, it will be four points. If there was a crash with greater than $50 in damage and the driver left the scene, it is six points. Careless driving is three points. Speeding is three points. Running a red light will accrue four points. There are many others.

If a person received a ticket while driving out-of-state, the Florida license will have points placed on it if it is a violation that warrants points in Florida. A speeding ticket outside the state can lead to three points on the driver's license. The state will consider the ticket in the same context as it being given in Florida. With out-of-state violations, there is no option to attend traffic school. There will be a driver's license suspension if there are 12 or more points accrued within one year. The date in which it starts will be the day the ticket was issued. For 12 points in 12 months, there will be a 30-day suspension. For 18 points in 18 months, there will be a three-month suspension. For 24 points within 36 months, there will be a license suspension of one year.

People who lose their driver's license can face many problems in the aftermath. Not only will they be unable to drive legally, they will likely face higher insurance rates. There are always strategies to craft a defense against allegations and citations for traffic offenses whether it is for speeding, reckless driving or more. A law firm that has helped many people defend against DUI and traffic offenses can help when facing points on a driver's license and a suspension.

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