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Plea bargain basics are important to understand

Though most procedural television shows revolve around two lawyers arguing the finer points of law in a criminal court, the reality is that most criminal cases end in a plea bargain between the accused and the public prosecutor. Florida residents may know that a plea bargain is an agreement reached between the prosecutor and the defendant where the latter pleads guilty to either reduced charges or the associated sentence.

What is drug paraphernalia?

While most Florida residents are probably aware that possessing or distributing controlled substances such as cocaine and heroin are illegal, they may not be aware that it is illegal to own or possess items related to drugs. This means someone can be prosecuted for owning and possessing related items even if they do not possess actual drugs.

Man arrested on battery charges and fleeing police in stolen car

People in Sarasota and across Florida can find themselves facing criminal charges for a variety of offenses. In many instances, one incident might lead to another and result in a slew of allegations that can lead to long-term consequences and penalties if there is a conviction. Some might be related to an act of violence followed by a theft. Then the person might be accused of fleeing law enforcement. When placed under arrest in these circumstances, the accused must make sure there is a strong defense with help from an experienced criminal attorney.

Man faces serious consequences after Sarasota drug arrest

Although drug penalties are significant in Florida, people will still get involved in their sale at various levels. That could be as a lower level drug dealer, a middleman or a person who is handling drug trafficking. Law enforcement will seek out people who they believe to be behaving in ways consistent with drug involvement, make a traffic stop and arrest them on drug offenses. There are serious consequences for a drug conviction, especially if there are large quantities and other offenses along with the drug charges. Those placed under arrest must have legal help from the beginning.


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