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Man arrested on battery charges and fleeing police in stolen car

People in Sarasota and across Florida can find themselves facing criminal charges for a variety of offenses. In many instances, one incident might lead to another and result in a slew of allegations that can lead to long-term consequences and penalties if there is a conviction. Some might be related to an act of violence followed by a theft. Then the person might be accused of fleeing law enforcement. When placed under arrest in these circumstances, the accused must make sure there is a strong defense with help from an experienced criminal attorney.

A man, 31, was arrested on a series of charges. He had an incident with his girlfriend in which he was accused of domestic battery. Law enforcement was searching for him with a warrant for his arrest when he fled in a stolen vehicle. He was also said to have taken his girlfriend's cellphone. When law enforcement initially found the man, he drove away in a vehicle that his girlfriend had rented. He ran over spikes and one of the tires started deflating, yet he continued to flee. Finally, he ran through the fence of a residence and ended up in his mother's backyard. He ran out of the car, but was caught and placed under arrest.

In any case where there are numerous criminal allegations, legal help is a must. Because a series of charges that include violence and grand theft can spark an extended period in jail and fines, it can severely damage a person's life in the short and long terms. Extenuating circumstances, plea bargains or even the opportunity to have a full acquittal might be possible. Failure to have a viable defense is a mistake that many people make and it can lead to worse penalties than they would otherwise face. Since violence is so stigmatized in society, it is crucial to speak to an attorney.

Domestic battery, a stolen car, a stolen smartphone and fleeing from law enforcement are some of the charges alleged against a man. As the case moves forward, he must call an attorney who specializes in criminal law for prepare his defense as soon as possible.

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