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How does robbery differ from theft?

While many Florida residents may use the terms theft, robbery and burglary interchangeably, legally the terms have different meanings and consequences. Burglary differs from the other two in that it almost always requires that there be a victim who is threatened with bodily harm. If the weapon in question is a gun or an injury is in fact suffered, the crime may be elevated to an armed one or an aggravated one.

Protect your reputation after criminal charges taint it

It is an unfortunate reality that even though the law is supposed to view someone charged with committing a crime innocent until proven guilty, this is not always the case. Not only does it seem the whole system is set up in a way to make an accused guilty from the onset, neighbors and colleagues also begin to doubt someone's innocence right after an arrest. This means an arrested individual's reputation, relationship and image can all become tarnished in an instant, even if the charges are later dropped or someone is found not guilty of committing the crimes he or she has been charged with.

Are breath test results always accurate?

A breath alcohol test is used to measure how much alcohol is in the air that is breathed out by an individual that is suspected of driving while intoxicated. Given this figure, the device then estimates how much alcohol is in one's blood. That number, the blood alcohol content or the BAC, is the number upon which most drunk driving convictions are based. In Florida, as in the rest of the country, a driver over the age of 21 cannot have a BAC higher than 0.08 percent.


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