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Important facts about points on a driving record

The rules of the road are in place to ensure the safety of all parties in transit. However, it is quite common for parties to bend the rules at times.

When law enforcement catches drivers committing traffic offenses, it may lead to points on their records. For those drivers, it is important to understand a few key facts.


The purpose of driving points is to encourage safe driving. Drivers increase their chances of receiving a ticket and further penalties when they do not follow the law. The point system and driving history also allow law enforcement to keep track of a person's patterns. 


Drivers receive points on their record due to traffic offenses. The most common offense types carry point values of three to six points. Since Florida has reciprocal agreements with most states, Florida drivers may receive points for traffic offenses both in and out of state. It is important to note that an out-of-state offense must also be illegal according to Florida law for the driver to accumulate points. Any points that drivers do receive on their records remain there for three years. Those who accumulate a large number of points within a certain amount of time run the risk of losing driving privileges.

Avoiding points

When the court finds someone guilty of a traffic violation, the driver receives points. There are two ways to avoid this occurrence:

  1. Successfully overcome the charges in court
  2. Attend driver improvement school

It is important to understand that paying a ticket is an automatic admission of guilt, and drivers receive points when they pay the ticket. For those looking for a different outcome, they may want to fight the charges.

Though these facts alone cannot prevent drivers from facing points on their driving record, having this knowledge may aid them in assessing their options during the process. However, the best option, for those with and without points, is to exercise safe driving tactics.

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