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Protect your reputation after criminal charges taint it

It is an unfortunate reality that even though the law is supposed to view someone charged with committing a crime innocent until proven guilty, this is not always the case. Not only does it seem the whole system is set up in a way to make an accused guilty from the onset, neighbors and colleagues also begin to doubt someone's innocence right after an arrest. This means an arrested individual's reputation, relationship and image can all become tarnished in an instant, even if the charges are later dropped or someone is found not guilty of committing the crimes he or she has been charged with.

When Florida residents are facing felony charges, it may seem like everyone has left their side and it might be easier to accept the charges and plead guilty to something one has not done to make it stop. However, this does not always have to be the case-whether one realizes it or not, everyone has the right to defend themselves against criminal charges.

Having someone experienced and knowledgeable about criminal law by one's side can be beneficial during this time. The lawyers at D Scott Rieth are committed to protecting their client's rights, as they recognize that the criminal justice system can be very harsh on those accused of committing criminal activities. We know what is on the line, which is why we work aggressively to protect their rights.

The founding partner's former experience as a prosecutor arms him with an inside view of the other side's tactics and he uses this knowledge for his client's benefit. For more on how he helps clients get their version out in court, visit our website.

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