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Juvenile faces assault charges after attacking police officer

Allegations of assault in Sarasota and throughout Florida can have long-term consequences and substantial penalties for anyone, but these can be more serious if it is a juvenile who is dealing with these charges. Since young people often make the mistake of acting before they think about the ramifications, it is not unusual for there to be major legal issues that can negatively impact their lives for an extended period if not forever. When a juvenile is arrested on assault charges or other violent crimes, it is wise to have the advice and counsel of a qualified legal professional who has a history of helping those accused of criminal acts.

What is robbery by sudden snatching and its penalties in Florida?

Criminal allegations in Florida will vary and many of these acts that receive intense focus are violent crimes and crimes involving drugs. However, people can be arrested for many other reasons and these acts can result in harsh penalties including jail time, fines and other short and long-term consequences. Theft is a common crime that can lead to long-term problems. In this category, one act that happens quite frequently is when a person is accused of sudden snatching of the property of another.

What does Florida criminal law say about sexual cyber harassment?

Use of computers is a part of daily life in Florida and throughout the world. That has opened a great number of doors, connected people and created much value. However, there are negatives to this accessibility and people are often facing charges related to internet behaviors that alleges the law has been violated. One issue that is growing in prominence is sexual cyber harassment. Understanding how to craft a criminal defense against these charges is crucial, as a conviction can lead to various penalties and negatively impact a person's life.

Man faces domestic battery charges after dispute with mother

In Bradenton and throughout Florida, disagreements in the home can quickly escalate into a confrontation between family members, friends and acquaintances that leads to allegations of domestic assault and battery charges. Some of the most difficult cases involve people who are accused of getting into a physical altercation with a parent. Not only can this lead to criminal charges with the potential penalties if there is a conviction, it is also leads to a negative perception in the community.

What can you do about allegations of age-related sex offenses?

Most everyone in Florida will understand the criminal offense of statutory rape. Not only does a conviction on these charges carry with it various penalties that can negatively impact a person's life in the long and short terms, but it has a social stigma when seeking employment and other aspects of daily life. Other allegations might not be as well-known, but are still linked to having had sexual activity with underage people. Understanding the law for unlawful sexual activity with minors is important when facing these charges and planning a defense.

What is domestic battery by strangulation in Florida?

Domestic incidents that involve violence happen quite frequently in Florida. These incidents can have many participants and occur in a variety of circumstances. It is unfortunate when people who are in a relationship or who live with another person get involved in a dispute that turns physical. This can lead to an arrest for domestic assault, battery charges and more. It might even result in a conviction and long-term consequences. Should the incident involve accusations of domestic battery by strangulation, it is important for the accused person to understand this law and what the charges will entail.

Man faces allegations of fleeing and assaulting law enforcement

During traffic stops drivers in Florida are expected to stop as instructed and comply with the officers' commands. In some cases, the stop is made because there is suspected driving under the influence. In others, the driver might have committed an unlawful act or is behaving suspiciously. No matter the reason, when the driver does not stop and even tries to flee, there can be other allegations that can lead to significant long-term consequences. Having legal assistance to provide a defense is one of the most important factors to avoid a criminal conviction.

What are the penalties for fleeing police in a high-speed chase?

With a traffic stop or an attempted traffic stop by law enforcement in Florida, there is a natural fear for the person who is about to be stopped. This is true even if they do not believe they have done anything wrong and do not have any illegal items in their vehicle. In some cases, the person will decide not to stop and will flee. This often becomes a high-speed chase.

Which victims will make assault charges more severe in Florida?

Floridians who are confronted with assault charges or battery charges will understandably be concerned about the potential long-term consequences and penalties they will face if they are convicted. However, what they might not know is that certain circumstances will raise the level of charges and accompanying penalties. The increased severity of the penalties will occur if the victim is a specific official or employee. Those who are arrested on these enhanced charges should understand the law itself and prepare for a defense.

Man faces multiple allegations after car theft and other acts

When arrested on criminal charges in Sarasota, it is easy for one incident to spiral out of control and lead to several charges that can compound into a litany of allegations and potential penalties if there is a criminal conviction. Often, people will make mistakes because they are caught up in personal issues like drugs. When charged with such acts as car theft, there can be other allegations made such as attempting to flee law enforcement and resisting arrest. Circumstances can make a situation far worse than it originally would have been. For those confronted by allegations of criminal law violations, having legal assistance can make a significant difference in the case.


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