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Florida reality show cast member faces drug charges

There is a continuing debate about marijuana, its dangers and whether it should be fully legalized or not. Some states have taken that step. Florida is not one of them. Since that remains the case, people who are caught with the substance will face an arrest and criminal charges. Depending on the amount of marijuana the person has, those charges can rise to the level of a felony. Considering the potential penalties that come with a conviction of a felony drug charge, it is imperative that the person take the necessary steps to develop a strong legal defense from the start.

Considerations when determining if items are drug paraphernalia

One of the reasons for which a Florida resident can be arrested on drug offenses is possession of drug paraphernalia. While this can lead to various consequences, it is important for a person who is dealing with drug charges to know what state law says about how it is determined that an item is drug paraphernalia. If there is a reasonable argument that the item in question might not have been used as drug paraphernalia, this could be the foundation for a defense against the charges.

Man arrested for drug offenses and fleeing deputies

In Sarasota and throughout Florida, allegations of drug offenses can lead to substantial consequences. Many of these cases begin with a traffic stop. The situation can be made worse if the driver does not comply or flees the scene. People who are confronted with drug crimes should be aware of the penalties that accompany the allegations as well as what can happen if they are accused of other violations along with it. Having a strong legal defense is essential with any arrest, drug-related or otherwise.

Developing an aggressive criminal defense against drug crimes

Drug crimes can vary from minor to serious. As such, the penalties for these crimes can vary as well. What remains with these varying charges is the fact that the accused can assert a defense. Even if a defendant is not fearful of the consequences, the reality is that a strong and timely criminal defense could help the accused offender avoid criminal penalties entirely.

Helping you assert a defense against drug charges

Much like other states, Florida takes a strong stance against drug crimes. Because certain drugs have became an epidemic in the nation, the penalties associated with these drug crimes can be rather harsh. Thus, those accused of committing such crimes will want to explore ways in which they can avoid these consequences and clear their name. Initiating a strong criminal defense is the first step in this process.

20 charged with various drug crimes

The Sarasota Police Department recently announced that it has charged 20 Sarasota residents with dealing drugs. The massive bust is part of a city-wide effort known as "Operation Corner Stone." As just one part of a Drug Market Intervention initiative, the program started in 2012 and ended in October of 2017.

Escalating opioid crisis could lead to new legislation

The opioid epidemic continues to plague our country as drug crimes continue to increase, and lawmakers have started to propose new rules aimed at combating the epidemic. Lawmakers have the daunting task of balancing enforcement of drug laws with rehabilitating people affected by opioid addiction. One of these lawmakers, Governor Rick Scott of Florida, has proposed legislation that would place additional legal responsibility on opioid prescribers.

What constitutes drug possession under Florida law?

There are a number of drug crimes people may face if they are found to have illicit substances within their control. For example, in Florida, a person may face manufacturing charges, distribution charges, or sales charges if he or she is found to have put illegal substances into other people's hands. However, one of the most common drug crimes that a person in the state can face is drug possession. This post will briefly explore the elements of a possession charge and some of the defenses that may exist to overcome it.


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