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Driver faces DUI charge in Sarasota rear-end crash

When there is a car accident in Sarasota or anywhere throughout Florida, it can be a harrowing experience for all involved. This is made worse when one of the drivers is alleged to have been under the influence and is arrested on drunk driving charges. An accident in which there were serious injuries to the other party can result in hefty penalties if there is a conviction for a DUI charge. Understanding the importance of a defense after allegations of being responsible for a DUI accident is imperative regardless of the circumstances.

Can the police give a license suspension for underage DUI?

Florida is serious about stopping drivers from operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol and will make traffic stops, have checkpoints and use other tactics to catch these drivers. In the summer, when there are more young people out and about, it is likely that some will consume alcohol and decide to drive. Drinking while underage is against the law. Underage drunk driving can lead to serious problems if there is a conviction. In fact, law enforcement has the right to immediately suspend the driver license of a driver who is under 21 and is found to have consumed alcohol. When this happens, drivers should make sure they have a strong legal defense to try and get the driver license back.

Man arrested on drunk driving charges after stop for speeding

When law enforcement in Bradenton and throughout Florida is out on patrol, they are watching for drivers who are possibly violating the law. Often, when there is one legal violation, it is possible that multiple offenses will be alleged after the traffic stop. This could include drunk driving charges. For drivers who are placed under arrest for DUI, having a legal defense against those charges and any other allegations that arise is a key factor in the case. This is even more important when other charges are filed.

What are unlawful acts with an ignition interlock device?

For Florida drivers who are convicted on drunk driving charges, one of the potential penalties is that they will be required to place an ignition interlock device on their vehicle. This is done so the person can be monitored when getting behind the wheel of a car, to ensure that there was no alcohol consumption beforehand. Motorists are tested periodically to make sure they have not had alcohol in the interim. For people who need to drive, this is a useful way to be able to do so after a DUI. However, under Florida Statutes ยง316.1937 there are certain acts that are unlawful with the ignition interlock device. Violating them can lead to other penalties.

Man sleeping at intersection arrested on drunk driving charges

Not all Florida drunk driving charges are the same, nor do they come about in the same situations. In some instances, there is a traffic stop by law enforcement that leads to drunk driving charges. In other instances, there will be an accident police respond to that leads to drunk driving charges. In still others, there will be a driver who is sitting in his or her stationary vehicle, not realizing that this can be the foundation for drunk driving charges. Those who are facing any level of DUI allegations must remember that there are a variety of defenses that can be used to combat them.

Florida driver faces felony drunk driving and other allegations

Floridians who find themselves arrested on drunk driving charges will face a litany of possible penalties if they are convicted. If there are multiple offenses and allegations of felony drunk driving, the penalties can be significant and life-changing. In general, no one will approve of a person getting behind the wheel under the influence. However, simply because there was a DUI arrest and numerous allegations does not mean that the driver is guilty.

Woman charged with DUI and traffic offenses after crash

When there is an automobile accident in Florida and the driver appears to be under the influence, law enforcement will take steps to determine what the person has been using and possibly make an arrest. For those who are placed under arrest for driving under the influence after a crash, the tests can be important to the case. Since DUI and traffic offenses often hinge on the evidence, people whose tests to determine blood alcohol content level come back clean and then are charged with DUI due to allegations of drug use should know how to lodge a defense.

A lawyer can help after hit-and-run drunk driving charges

A Floridian who is confronted with drunk driving charges can have the issues they face compounded if the allegations say that there was an accident, and the driver fled the scene. Hit-and-runs are treated seriously in any case, but when there is a charge, the driver was drunk, they grow exponentially worse. Understanding the charges, that there might be multiple offenses lodged, what the penalties might be if there is a conviction, and how to craft a strong defense are all keys to any case.

Man arrested for operating under the influence in a golf cart

Residents of Sarasota County and across Florida will understandably associate allegations that they were operating under the influence (DUI) to driving a car. However, there are other ways the operator of a vehicle can face DUI and traffic offenses. These allegations carry penalties just as a DUI in a car does. Even people who are from states other than Florida and on vacation can be confronted with DUI charges. Having assistance from a law firm that is experienced in DUI cases is essential.

What if I am charged with breath test refusal in Florida?

The laws in Florida can be confusing especially in a situation in which law enforcement is asking for a breath test to be taken. Some might believe that they have the right to refuse like the "right to remain silent" in the reading of the rights when arrested. They might then make the mistake of refusing a breath test and find themselves charged for it. Under the law, drivers are obligated to submit to the test. This is known as implied consent. For those who commit breath test refusal, there are certain penalties they will face.


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