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Helping you assert a defense against violent crimes

Facing any type of criminal charge can be difficult of individuals in Florida; however, some crimes can be more damaging for a person if a conviction results. Significant consequences often follow a violent crimes charge, making it vital that defendants fully explore the matter, initiating a criminal defense as soon as possible.

Violent crime charges require sound legal help

Every day there are stories about Florida residents facing accusations of violence. These charges, should they result in a criminal conviction, can have substantial penalties, including fines, a prison sentence and a record that will follow that person around even after the sentence has been completed. Since there are numerous ways in which a person can be accused of violence, a law firm that is experienced in helping people regardless of the circumstances is essential from the start.

Man arrested after accusations of firing gun into apartment

The climate across the nation has made everyone cognizant of the possibility of weapons-related crimes. Florida is certainly no stranger to that. However, people might not realize that the mere threat of violence and the use of a weapon, can lead to charges and harsh penalties, even if no one was injured. When there are allegations of violent crimes or the threat of violence, those who are charged should be aware of how severe these accusations are and the long-term penalties they can face if convicted. Having legal assistance from a law firm experienced in helping those accused of weapons crimes is key.

Man faces accusations of drug possession and assaulting police

Sarasota residents who are arrested after accusations of violence can also have other crimes lodged as part of the same incident. If, for example, a person is alleged to have been using drugs and behaves irrationally during that time and commits violence, it can result in a litany of charges. Because violent crimes carry with them such harsh penalties including jail time, fines and more, it is essential that a person who is charged understands what he or she is confronted with and takes the necessary steps to cobble together a strong legal defense.

Are you facing a restraining order in Sarasota County?

Relationships can be stressful for any Sarasota County residents. Whether within a marriage or a dating relationship, arguments are a fact of life, and sometimes those arguments can get heated. It becomes an altogether more serious situation, however, when your partner calls the police.

Legally incompetent man arrested in Sarasota cold case

As a criminal case grows cold, pressure on police can intensify to find someone -- anyone -- to charge. This is particularly true in instances of shocking, violent crimes. The public fear that a violent individual is out on the loose can sometimes, unfortunately, turn into a rush to convict. This fear is understandable, but cannot be used as an excuse to neglect a defendant's rights in court.

When, and for what reason, can the police search me?

When suspected of a violent crime, a common concern is whether the police officer acted appropriately, and this can arise when a police officer engages in a search or seizure of a person's property or the person. The person accused of a violent crime may wonder why the police continued to search their property or person, even after he or she was detained. When dealing with the police, the issue is almost always whether the police were acting within the limits of the law.

Criminal defense options for violent crime charges

Allegations of criminal activity are damaging to the reputation and freedom of Bradenton residents. Claims that an individual engaged in a violent crime can significantly impact that person's rights. Attorney D. Scott Rieth is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has supported his clients as they have confronted domestic violence, homicide and other violent crime charges.

How are rape charges addressed under Florida law?

Rape is generally characterized as the forcible sexual violation of a person against the alleged victim's will. In Florida, charges of rape are included under the section of the state statutes that address sexual battery. Per the Florida Statutes, sexual battery may occur when an alleged perpetrator penetrates an alleged victim with either a part of the alleged perpetrator's body or a foreign object.


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