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Florida Sex Stings Create More Problems Than They Solve

Early last month, a team of Florida detectives went undercover as part of an elaborate sting operation to target sex offenders. The detectives posed online as minors and, with hints of sex, arranged to meet various men at various public locales. Ultimately, 18 men were caught in the trap, most of them hailing from Manatee County, Polk County, Sarasota County and the surrounding region.

Florida's sex offender registration laws

Those charged with sex crimes face the possibility of several consequences, from prison time to hefty fines. However one of the most concerning is having to be on the sex offender registry. Being on the registry means that you cannot go within a certain distance of schools or playgrounds or work with minors or at-risk populations. This can make it very difficult to get back to your normal activities, such as picking your children up from school or even establishing your own residence, after you have served your sentence.


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